Gardener’s Tea Break: Coupon Clipper Edition


It’s a badge of honor to be fru­gal. And who wouldn’t want to save money these days? Before I buy my clothes online, I check Retail­MeNot first because there’s always some kind of sale going on—either a per­cent­age off, or free ship­ping, or both.

When you think “retail,” your favorite gar­den­ing cat­a­logs may not come to mind. But they are in there, sit­ting right along­side Lands’ End, Tar­get, and L.L.Bean.

Sites like Burpee, Johnny’s, or Ter­ri­to­r­ial Seed will fea­ture their cur­rent sales on their own home pages, but vis­it­ing Retail­MeNot is nice because they’re all on one site, and it’s easy to com­pare. Pre­cip­i­tat­ing ven­dors also have deals that are exclu­sive to the site.

Don’t browse under the “Home and Gar­den” category—you won’t find many gar­den cat­a­logs there. Even a gen­eral search for “gar­den­ing” won’t turn them up. Instead, it’s best to type in the ven­dor name directly in the search box. For instance, enter­ing Burpee will take you to Burpee’s exclu­sive Retail­MeNot page. If you’re a big fan of par­tic­u­lar cat­a­logs, go ahead and book­mark them.

Fans of Retail­MeNot sub­mit coupon codes they find, vote, and com­ment on how suc­cess­ful they were using the codes. Some codes have expi­ra­tion dates, and oth­ers will work even though they were sub­mit­ted a year ago. Here’s an entry for Johnny’s Selected Seeds:

RetailMeNot coupon

Read­ing the com­ments is nice because you see what peo­ple saved and have exact dates and times when they were used.

RetailMeNot comments

Of course, there are apps for Retail­MeNot. Here are the links:

Retail­MeNot for iPhone/iPad on iTunes

Retail­MeNot for Android on Google Play

Retail­MeNot web app

Happy clip­ping!

Mary Anne

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