Virginia Tech Tree ID (vTree)

Virginia Tech Tree ID

A quick look at how this app can help you in your garden.

App name:

Vir­ginia Tech Tree ID

What it does:

Tree iden­ti­fi­ca­tion help and fact sheets for nearly 1000 woody plants from North America.

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vTree (iPhone + iPad)

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Vir­ginia Tech Tree ID (Google Play)

Virginia Tech Tree ID

Tech­ni­cal stuff and spe­cific tags (key­words) to help you nar­row your gar­den app search.

App Name: Vir­ginia Tech Tree ID
Ver­sion: 1.1.3 (iOS), 5.0 (Android)
Size: 5.9 (iOS), 5.0 MB (Android)
Sup­ported Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android
Gar­den­ing Type: Trees and Shrubs
Price: Free
Pub­lisher: Michael Whitt (iOS), Bob Potts (Android)

From the devel­oper:
Vir­ginia Tech Tree Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion brings the award win­ning Vir­ginia Tech dig­i­tal den­drol­ogy mate­r­ial to your smart phone. It con­tains fact sheets for 969 woody plants from all over North Amer­ica with an in depth descrip­tion, range map and thou­sands of color images of leaves, flow­ers, fruit, twigs, bark and form.

Users can nar­row the species list for any loca­tion in North Amer­ica using the phone’s GPS, net­work sig­nal or any entered address or zip code. Basi­cally the appli­ca­tion can become “Woody Plants of Where You Are Stand­ing.” For exam­ple, it can become the “Woody Plants of South­west­ern Ore­gon,” the “Woody Plants of Cen­tral Park” or the or “The Woody Plants of 37.108 lat., –80.452 long., ele­va­tion 2118.”

Users can fur­ther nar­row the species list by answer­ing a series of very sim­ple tree attribute ques­tions such as where the plant is grow­ing, leaf shape, leaf arrange­ment, flower color or fruit type.

The species list can also be nar­rowed by typ­ing a key­word such as oak, Abies, red or palm. For exam­ple if oak is typed only oaks found in the defined area will be listed.

A fea­ture also allows you to send any tree related ques­tion to “Dr. Den­dro”, a tree expert in the Depart­ment of For­est Resources and Envi­ron­men­tal Con­ser­va­tion at Vir­ginia Tech. You can send a tree descrip­tion or pic­tures of your plant and experts will help with identification.

• 969 woody plants from all over North Amer­ica
• Over 6,400 color pho­tographs of leaves, flow­ers, fruit, twig, bark, form, and range map for each species
• In depth descrip­tion of all plant parts
• Nar­rows species list based on your loca­tion and ele­va­tion using the phones GPS, net­work sig­nal or user entered loca­tion
• Search for species by a key word, e.g. maple
• Iden­tify species by answer­ing a series of sim­ple ques­tions. A pic­ture is dis­played show­ing what is being asked.
• Nav­i­gate between species with a push of a but­ton.
• Send a tree ques­tion to “Dr. Den­dro” a tree expert at Vir­ginia Tech
Visit our web sites at:
Woody Plants in North Amer­ica, 2012, Kendall/Hunt Pub­lish­ing is a mul­ti­me­dia tuto­r­ial on DVD cov­er­ing 920 woody plants with over 23,000 color pho­tographs of leaves (sum­mer and fall), flow­ers, fruits, twigs, bark and form for each plant. The soft­ware dis­plays mul­ti­ple images of all plant parts so user can develop a “feel” for nor­mal field vari­a­tion. A cus­tomiz­able, self-quizzing sec­tion allows users to eval­u­ate their progress in plant iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. For more fea­tures on this soft­ware visit:

The 650 MB data­base of tree pho­tographs and text is down­loaded from our server. We rec­om­mend you install Vir­ginia Tech Tree Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion using a fast WIFI con­nec­tion. A cel­lu­lar con­nec­tion will gen­er­ally be too slow.

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iOS down­load page:

vTree (iPhone + iPad)

Android down­load page:

Vir­ginia Tech Tree ID (Google Play)


VT Den­drol­ogy


Den­drol­ogy at Vir­ginia Tech


  1. ron mullerd says:

    I am with the Nor­walk Tree Alliance in Nor­walk, CT and we are
    research­ing adding QR Codes to our tree iden­ti­fi­ca­tion sig­nage
    in town.

    Came across your web­site while search­ing for a resource that
    pro­vides QR Codes gen­er­ated for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of indi­vid­ual trees.
    Do you know of such a resource or have you already assigned
    these Codes to your list of trees…and if so, how can we go about
    uti­liz­ing them for our signage.

    Thanks for your help,
    Ron Muller

    • Dear Ron,

      That’s a great idea — I use my iPhone at gar­den cen­ters or in the nurs­ery when­ever a QR code is provided.

      Typ­i­cally you gen­er­ate a QR code your­self, and link to a web site of your choice. So in your case, assum­ing you have an indi­vid­ual page for each tree, you’d link to that. If you don’t, then link to some­thing non-commercial, like the mobile Wiki-page for the tree. Then you’d give the graphic that’s gen­er­ated to the designer (or sign com­pany) who is cre­at­ing the tags. It’s pos­si­ble that the designer or com­pany will do that work for you, and all you need to pro­vide is the URL itself.

      There are lots of QR code gen­er­a­tors out there. My favorite at the moment, which is free for per­sonal or com­mer­cial use, is

      Let me know if I can do more to help you!

      Mary Anne

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