Tips and Tricks for Gardening

gardening-tips-for-beginners-770x433It’s always fun to do gardening when you are passionate about it. But no matter how exciting it is to learn how to do it the best way, there should and will always be a room for learning. Not every gardener started out an expert. Most, if not all, start up a garden without a lot of experience. In other instances, it might not be their first. But if you are new to this stuff, it is only right for you to learn the tips and tricks for gardening.

Here are some of the facts that you need to learn in order to make your gardening less hard than it should be:

Removing Salt Deposits

This is something that is experienced in many circumstances in gardening. The best way to remove this is by combining equal amounts of white vinegar with rubbing alcohol as well as water. Mix them together and put them in a bottle or spray bottle as desired. Grab a plastic brush then scrub the mixture onto the pot. After that, make sure that they are dry enough before you plant on them again to avoid any problems on the plant’s well being.

Avoiding Dirt under Your Fingernails

One of the most annoying things when you’re planting in your garden is when dirt gets under your nails. This is definitely avoidable! All you need to do is get a bar of soap and use it to draw your fingernails across. You will be surprised to see how they could seal under your nails and the dirt won’t be able to get through them. When removing, make sure to use a nailbrush as it could be incompletely remove if you just splash it with water.

Making Use of Your Leftover Tea

There are acid loving plants that need some acid loving! Don’t put to waste your leftover tea or even coffee grounds. They are a big help to those kinds of plants. All you need to do is to sprinkle them lightly once every month. Make sure they don’t exceed from one-quarter of an inch. This will keep your plants healthy and well. This will also give them a balanced pH.

Drying Herbs with a Newspaper

One of the best ways to quickly dry your herbal plants is to place a newspaper on your car seat and arrange them. Place them by single layers and make sure that your car’s doors are closed and the windows are rolled up. That will get them all dry very quickly.

Vegetable Soup Showers

Ever heard of showering your leftover veggie soup onto your plants? Try it and you will see that your plants will like it. Instead of throwing them away and wasting them, make sure that you dump them onto your garden plants. They respond very well to it.

Each of these tips and tricks may not be as common as the rest but they definitely work very well. Just take time in doing it